vg at woodward tahoe!!!

VG Session at Woodward Tahoe from VIDEOGRASS on Vimeo.

No better way to spend your summer! Here is a quick recap of the good times at Boreal for the Woodward Tahoe VG Session with CHRIS BRADSHAW, CHRIS GRENIER, HARRISON GORDON, AND SCOTT BLUM.

For more info on Woodward Tahoe head to:

Additional footage from Tucker Norred
Photos by Matt Bombino

Big thanks to Matty Peterson, Layne Knaack, Mizl, Matt Bombino, Phoebe Mills, Tucker Norred, and the Woodward staff!

Yawgooons! Sorry we can't keep up with songs these days. Xoxo

One thought on “vg at woodward tahoe!!!

  1. HOLY!!!! this was Grade A!!!! corrugated pipe stair set!! thats genius! I would absolutely kill to hit that little wall! Bradshaw fucking killed it!!! his style with some very tech tricks thrown in was soooooo nice!!! love to watch Harison rip as well!! great edit

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