scott stevens 2014 skate part “no country for bad burke”

i apologize for the delay. uploaded it the early saturday morning. drove out to a wedding….meanwhile my internet crashed ad the upload never finished…. I’m back its up and hope u like feet touching the ground. thanks for the patience. the whole vid will b out soon some of the guys wanted a few more tricks for their parts.

scott stevens skate part ’14 “NO COUNTRY FOR BAD BURKE” from scott stevens on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “scott stevens 2014 skate part “no country for bad burke”

  1. this was unreal!!! i seriously wasn’t ready for this insanity! every single trick was grade AA material!! that back nose grind hippy jump was gnarly, and i loved the no comply to willy on the little yellow ledge!! it was sick to see that back 180 front foot one foot shot from another angle too!! super good job scott!! literally one of the best skate edits i have ever seen

    • Fuckin right grant I was thinking the same Scotty is so fire at skating, pretty much just gnarly at riding boards keep surfing round Scotty you da man!

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