5 thoughts on “New Postland theory teaser!!

  1. SICKEST TEASER OF THE YEAR!!!! this is gonna be soooo good!!! that 270 tree plant 270 out was outrageous!!! golden quality business right here! 😀

  2. Hey Grant Stein- seen a load of your comments on here! checked out your snowboarding on youtube man and you shred hard!!! saw your one footer video- super awesome! How long you been riding for???nice to see someone enthusiastic who posts on here and enjoys the vids!

    • hey blacksnowboarder- 😀 you honestly just made my day!!! I have been riding for four years and honestly love snowboarding… and change that tape. haha i have been trying to comment on every video for the past few months just to try and get this website a little more recognition. Thank you so much for the view on my videos!! 😀

      • same mate i love it with all my heart- nice to meet similar individuals! all my money goes on it! can’t believe season is over already!!! yeh you fans of scotty/ grenier etc? I met scott stevens and jess kimura a few yrs back when they came to the uk!!! absolutely awesome people-but i acted like a star struck fan-if only i could rewind time haha! only discovered this site a few months back it is awesome! scott & co have good taste in finding the latest footage to enjoy! you deserve the praise man- i wanna take it to that kind of level! 4 yrs-not surprised with your skill judgin by them vids! but im guessing lots of days on the snow per year? i started in 2008 but only get a week usually per year- sucks & is not enough! man i really need to step by boarding game up-living in the uk we only have indoor snowdomes so pretty hard when you don;t near proper mountains! saw your review of the salomon salomonder- im tempted to get that or the villain next year- whats your take on the salomonder? can it be used all mountain? i know everyone harps on but i rode the hammerhead and freakin loved it- i love skateboard feel and its superlight but for cruising super fast- flat no!! can the salomonder handle speed?or best with the villain?

        • I would honestly say they both handle speed equally, but the salomonder is more stable cause it has no rocker. i have rode the villain and I liked it, but it just felt a little washy. where as the salomonder is a little softer, yet holds a better edge. there both awesome boards though!!

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